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South Omaha Mural Project Map.jpg

This is a quick way to view the legend maps of most of our mural projects.

Click on the Mural Project Below to visit that map:

South13th Street Mural

Magic City Mural

Lithuanian Mural

Mexican Mural

Polish Mural

Croatian Mural

Irish Mural

Mayan Mural

Native American Mural

Italian Mural

Buena Vista (Scroll down after clicking)

Aztec Mural

for a google map tour of our murals click here

Please note that in the above google map:

  1. the Nebraska Mural is to be seen from the walkway of the Library since you cant drive a car through the bus terminal where the mural is, and

  2.  The four murals near the Plaza De La Raza are all on one stop.

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