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Painted Brick Wall

2023 projects are listed here- 2024 year plans coming soon:

in 2024 South Omaha Mural Project completed the Aztec Mural and the Morton Meadows Mural.  Click here to learn about the Aztec Mural.

A Midsummer's Mural company painted a mural on a grain silo as well, scroll down to learn about that.

Morton Meadows Mural

We just finished painting-

a mural about Morton Meadows, a wonderful community! Anne Newman, the designer, with help from Mary Ensz, Quin Slovek, the Morton Meadows Neighborhood Association and the Mizpah Masonic Lodge.

It is located at 1124 S 48th St in Omaha Nebraska.

Morton Meadows Mural.jpg
pro night 1.jpg

Star Seed Mural on Ardent Mills

here is a photo of our community projection night-

star seed complete_edited_edited_edited.jpg

A Midsummer's Mural also painted this mural last year with

Art + Infrastructure.  You can learn more about it Here.

The mural design is by Sarah Rowe. 

Here is a beautiful video with Sarah reading a

poem about the project.

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