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Neighbors of South 13th St,

Richard Harrison and Rebecca Harrison



1266 S 13th St, Omaha, NE 68108


This mural was designed by neighbors that gathered every morning at the Donut Stop for hours of conversation, the regulars at The Bohemian Cafe, the small business owners, and the lifelong residents of the neighborhood of South 13th St. The neighborhood has seen many changes since its earliest days of the Golden Goose and Prague Hotel. As the street changes, this mural will continue to represent the history, traditions, and vision of residents that have long loved their community.

This mural is not technically within the borders of South Omaha and it was painted before South Omaha Mural Project truly began. But we include it here because it was the prelude to our symphony. Gary Kastrick, our beloved historian, was inspired to create a mural for all of the unique cultural neighborhoods of South Omaha. He thought his historical bus tours of the area needed some illustrations, so he put us to work, and we just kept going.

At the bottom of the mural are three houses from the neighborhood, illustrating the unique and charming architecture of the homes surrounding the mural. Within the teal scenes of the archways are vignettes of the street across time. The arches themselves echo those of the Prague Hotel next door, and above them is a film strip with snapshots of the memories of the neighborhood. Rising above all the memories is a vision of taking over a vacant lot to become a place for late night Polka Dances and block parties. The yellow figure on the right is an allegorical figure of change. She is modeled after a small business owner who sold vintage clothing out of the old Prague Hotel, a perfect symbol of giving new life to beloved things. The style takes a cue from Alphonse Mucha, a famous Czech artist, to allude to the neighborhoods rich Bohemian and Czech heritage. The mural is an ode to 13th St. It celebrates the residents and the hard working business owners both past, present, and future. 




Susan Koenig


The Bohemian Cafe

The Donut Stop

Rebel Interactive

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