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Aztec Mural

Aztec Mural Project with border.jpg

This project was led by Sedra Casteneda and David Manzanarez and included work by:

Anna Manzanares, Mike Giron, Anna Stoysich, and Aleeexa Ramirez.

It was painted at  at 4903 south 24th street.

It is about 40'x12'

The design process consists of  a community meeting and a design Focus meeting – where we had discussions about the identity, culture, and heritage of South Omaha’s Mexican Indigenous community.

We will soon create a list of the symbols on the mural for those who are interested.  Keep checking back for more information.  Below are photos of our events.




The Nebraska Arts Council

The City of Omaha Historical Fund for South Omaha

The Omaha Community Foundation Neighborhood Grant

The Omaha Mayor's Neighborhood Grant

The Pesek Family

(The Pesek Law Firm)

and Candelario Zamora

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