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Irish Community Mural

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Omaha Irish Cultural Center and Friends. Rebecca Harrison. Quintin Slovek. Richard Harrison. Mike Girón. Gary Kastrick.


Donohue's Pub

3232 L St,

Omaha, NE 68107


It was a huge uphill climb to find success as many Irish families experienced terrible famine and civil war at home. The community became very politically engaged to help lift each other up. It was a favorite pastime to attend political events at the neighborhood bar, Duffy's. Many influential people, both local and national can trace their roots to this supportive community. At the heart of many Irish homes were strong women who supported each other and their families with faith, charisma, and courage. And don’t forget the love of good company with music, dancing and a joyous romp!

Mural Content Legend

This was our first mural to be completed on Polytab fabric in our studio and then installed onto the wall. This allowed us to paint all through the harsh winter months. We were also able to achieve smoother textures, even brushstrokes, and more detail, because we didn't have to paint directly on to rough bricks. The mural was painted in sections and had to be assembled like a puzzle on site. The fabric is durable and will help preserve parts of the crumbling brick facade on Donohue's Pub.


Nebraska Arts Council

South Omaha Historical Fund

South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

Douglas County Visitors Improvement Fund

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