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Sesquicentennial Mural



South Omaha Neighbors. Rebecca Harrison. Richard Harrison. Mike Girón. Quin Slovek. Hugo Zamorano. Alondra Gonzalez. Rigoberto Barajas-Rivera. Gary Kastrick.



Supermercado Nuestra Familia

3548 Q St, Omaha, NE 68107




The stage is set for a great drama about resilience, connection, and growth across Nebraska. On one side, the rural experience of ranching and farming, where families tend the farm in chorus and neighbors raise barns together. When it's time to bring their livestock to market, there is only one place to go, the bustling "Magic City” of South Omaha. The two worlds are drastically different, yet totally dependent on one another. For Nebraska's 150th anniversary, this mural celebrates the hard workers across the state, who’s collaboration feeds the nation.


Lead Artist Rebecca Harrison traveled to Nebraska towns to do research for the mural. She visited Murdock and Hastings where she had done murals before. She even visited the Wayne Chicken Show! On her journeys she asked folks about what it means to be a Nebraskan and if they had any memories of South Omaha. Many of them had stories of visiting the Stockyards for generations. Rebecca traveled with her two young daughters, who were great help in making new friends. 


Douglas County Visitor Improvement Fund

Nebraska Arts Council

South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

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