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Lithuanian Community Mural



The Omaha Lithuanian American Community and Friends. Mike Girón. Richard Harrison. Rebecca Harrison. Hugo Zamorano. Gary Kastrick.



Lithuanian Bakery
5217 S 33rd Ave, Omaha, NE 68107


The colony of Lithuanians, who escaped the Russian invasion and settled in South O, expected to return to their homeland once the occupation ended. They devotedly instilled their language, religious practices, and culture into their children. Over time, most of the Lithuanians were never able to return home and became South Omahans for life. Still, you might find them around the bonfire telling tales of magical maidens turning into trees or of hands held for miles in the name of peace.



The Lithuanian Community got more than one art project to celebrate that summer. Lithuanian wood carver Aurimas Šimkus carved a 10-foot-tall totem representing “Egle — Queen of the Snakes,” a beloved folk tale in Lithuania, on site at Lauritzen Gardens. The sculpture even appears in the mural, giving even more reason for officials from our Sister City in Šiauliai to visit for the unveiling of both works of art. 


Nebraska Arts Council

South Omaha Historical Fund

Omaha Mayor’s Neighborhood Grant

South Omaha Business Association

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