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Project Overview

This mural will be created to depict the history, personal experiences, and vision for the future of the Native American community in South Omaha. We are working with the Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition's SOMS (Soaring Over Meth and Suicide)

to create this mural.  We are planning exciting ways that youth will be involved in the mural and we are making sure that we connect with elders representing the primary tribes of the area.  We know that the story of the indigenous  people of Omaha is the most important story we can tell. We hope to connect their rich history to the times we are living in.  For Native Americans in our area there are many challenges, and some exciting new opportunities!  We hope to depict many sacred symbols and truths about the people who were here first, the people to whom we owe much respect, and can learn much from.

The Artists

We are planning to have the community, especially the youth participate in painting this mural but in addition to that, here is our team of artists:

Lead Artist:
Aaron Olivo

Contributing Artists: 
Steve Tamayo
Sara Rowe

Supporting Artists: 
Richard Harrison
Hugo Zamorano

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for more information feel free to call Richard Harrison at 402-490-7026

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