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Mayan Community Mural


Threads of Life

Mayan Community Mural


Back of Kubat's Pharmacy

2401 N St, Omaha, NE 68107


Communidad Maya Pixan Ixim and Friends. Jair Rodriguez. 

Ilaamen Pelshaw. Richard Harrison. Gary Kastrick. Hugo Zamorano.




Follow the fabric through three loops: past, present, and future. Within the stitches you can find stories of the sorrow, strength, and hope of the Mayan Community in South Omaha. This mural coincided with the production of  “EPIC” a play written by Ellen Struve that tells the story of local teenagers who paint a mural that connects their lives,  ancestry, and the sacred Mayan text, the Popol Vuh. Communidad Maya Pixan Ixim helped to write, perform, design, and paint these stories of their indigenous culture and history.

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During the time we were collaborating with the Mayan Community, they were busy producing a play entitled EPIC, written by Ellen Struve for the Great Plains Theater Conference. The community helped write, design, and act in the play that revolved around a young muralist trying to understand her heritage through the epic creation story of the Popul Vuh. It was a truly surreal experience to see a play about creating a mural with the community that we were working with. One of our artists was even an actor in the production!

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Nebraska Arts Council

South Omaha Historical Fund

South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

Omaha Community Foundation

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