Mayan Mural "Threads of Life"

Mural on the West Side of Kubat Pharmacy (at 24th and N) for and with the Mayan Community in South Omaha

This is the design that the community created along with Lead Artist: Jair Rodriguez 

Assistannt Designer: Ilaamen Pelshaw and Supporting Artist: Richard Harrison 

Community Involvement, Paint Day and Celebration

Thanks to Pixan Ixim for all the help that went into gathering the Mayan community to tell their stories and experiances from Guatemala and integrating into life in South Omaha. Their stories and experinces were put into the design of the mural, and with guidance of the community, helped refine the final design,    

The Community came together on a hot day and helped finish almost half the mural!

Symbols Within The Mural

Click on the Picture to learn more about the symbols in the mural and what they mean!

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