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Tree Pluribus  Unum!

Buena Vista High School Mural 

Buena Vista Mural detail.jpg
Tree Pluribus Unum complete.jpg

This mural was created for Buena Vista High School in 2022 celebrating the unique history and ethnic neighborhoods that make South Omaha a rich and vibrant community! It is comprised of images from many of our murals and images of a Tree of Life sculpture near 24th and L.  


Designed by Richard Harrison- with credit to David Dalquist  RDG Dahlquist Art Studio, Designer of the Tree of Life Sculpture, and the artists of the South Omaha Mural Project series of 13 murals which were painted by the community and lead by Rebecca Harrison, Mike Giron, Jair Rodriguez, Aaron Olivo, Hugo Zamorano, Ilaamen Pelshaw, Richard Harrison and Barber.   With help from South Omaha Historian Gary Kastrick.



Buena Vista High School

5616 L St, Omaha, NE 68117



Buena Vista Mural detail.jpg
Tree Pluribus Unum Map copy sans text.jpg

1. ZAJEDNICA Croatian Community Mural
2. NOSTROVIA Polish Community Mural
3. 13TH STREET MURAL Czech and Bohemian Mural
4. WAVES OF IMMIGRATION Metro Community College Mural
5. BLACK AMERICAN Community Mural
6. IL GRANDE VAGGIO Italian Community Mural
7. ANCESTRAL VOICES  Native American Mural THREADS OF LIFE Mayan Community Mural
8. THREADS OF LIFE Mayan Community Mural
9. SIENINIS PAVEIKSLAS Lithuanian Community Mural SLÁINTE Irish Community Mural
10. SLÁINTE Irish Community Mural
11 and 12. When painting the Native American mural, we chose to depict American Bison in the style of Donel Keeler, who's son gave us permission to use his images. He was a well-recognized Isanti painter who lived in Omaha, and we wanted to pay tribute to his contributions to Native American Art.  Bison are also the mascot of Buena Vista. Each bison depicts native textile patterns of Nebraska.
13, 14 and 15 The “Tree of Life” is a streetscape installation that transforms five blocks of South Omaha, to create a multi-cultural experience. The result includes a sculpture of a tree with medallions that celebrates folk art traditions of the major ethnic groups (Latino, Czech, Polish, and Croatian). Ceramic and metal textile patterns are enhanced with colorful lighting.


SOUTH OMAHA MURAL PROJECT PARTNERS INCLUDE: The Nebraska Arts Council The South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance The Douglas County Visitors Improvement Fund The Omaha Community Foundation and The Omaha Mayor's Neighborhood Grant

This mural was commissioned by the Omaha Public Schools 

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