The South Omaha Mural Project aims to explore the history of South Omaha through creating murals that tell the stories of the many cultural communities that have made it their home. Through the telling of our unique stories, we are able to discover the complexity of our diversity and the commonalities of our experiences. The murals act as a relic of the connections we build with each other, a vessel for stories that may be lost, and a dream for a more collaborative future. 

The Mural Project team is planning to paint a community mural in the Highland South-Indian Hill neighborhood about the past, present, and future of the African American and African Immigrant communities in South Omaha. We would like to make sure that the many contributions of these communities to South Omaha are portrayed in our public space and included in the story of the South Omaha Mural Project. We are also aware that there are big changes slated for parts of this neighborhood. The Southside Terrace Garden Apartments are currently under evaluation from the Omaha Housing Authority, and it is probable that they will be demolished and something new will be put in their place. While these apartments are 76 yrs old, and may be due for rethinking, they are home to over 1,300 people that deserve to be part of the conversation of what happens. Efforts are underway to involve many community members in the discussion, and we want to encourage more community involvement in this endeavor. We hope that doing a mural during this time of dramatic change will provide an opportunity to lay claim to the space and provide a creative and fun experience that encourages future community involvement.

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