“Tela” meaning “canvas” in Italian and “cloth” in Spanish, the TELAporter will bring our studio out to the streets. With 5 easels made of upcycled doors, we can easily host socially distant paint workshops. In just a few minutes, we can set up an art studio in any open space.


We would like to keep adding to the vehicle and create a way to bring workshops of all kinds directly to neighborhoods. When we are done, this van will be a spectacle, a curiosity, and a beacon to passers by to join in conversations and activities.


Mobile Mural Machine




Covid 19 Restrictions

No meetings of 10 or more

No meetings indoors

No large community paint days

People are staying home more

Setting up tables and paints on site is cumbersome and time consuming.

Getting a good paint surface is challenging. 

People aren’t particularly drawn to a regular pop up tent. 

Traveling with all of these materials is challenging in our minivans. 


Painting workshops

Screen printing workshops

Block Talks

Presentation of plans

Small movie nights

So much more….


Onsite workspace during all of our outdoor murals


Secure and weatherproof tool and paint storage


Efficient tear down and set up of job sites


Can carry more ladders and our big scaffold 


Will help us travel for work more easily


Increase visibility of our work and our mission 


Help us make the TELAporter a reality!

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